Puppy Application

Please answer the following questions honestly and thoughtfully. This is our chance to get to know you and your family, and helps us to better match each Chinook puppy with their forever home.

By submitting an application, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the following:

  1. Submitting an application does not guarantee that a Chinook puppy will be placed with your family.
  2. Adopting a puppy is a big decision and a lifetime commitment. Puppy owners are required to keep in contact with the breeder for the life of their Chinook dog.

  3. Puppies will not be shipped as cargo by the breeder, new puppy owner, or a third party. The new puppy owner (or their agent) must take possession of the puppy in person. (Please note, we are not placing puppies overseas at this time.)

  4. The Chinook dog is an extremely rare breed, and puppies are very limited. Applications may be shared with other Chinook breeders if we aren't able to match a puppy to your home or for reference purposes.

This application provides us with the information to create a best fit for both you and your puppy. We are committing to a lengthy relationship with you and your family, and we want to make sure it will work out the best for everyone involved; especially the puppy. Thanks for taking the time to complete this application and we look forward to speaking with you!

Your pup comes with

Collar, toy, Kong

Dog or puppy book

Microchip, first shots

Registration paperwork

Flash drive with pictures and videos

Personal Information
Do you own or rent your home?
Do you have permission to keep a dog?
What will you do if you have to move and cannot find a home that allows dogs?
Describe the people in your current household (adults, children, ages, etc.)?
Do you have plans to add to your family in the near future?
Please discuss these plans: (e.g., are you about to get married, or have children, or thinking of adopting two puppies at once?)
Do you have pets currently?
Describe the pets of your current household (ages, species, breeds, altered/unaltered, etc.)
Have you had any other animals in the past 5 years?
Tell us about them; please include the cause of death, loss, or reasons for giving up any pet you’ve had during this time period
Have you ever had an animal removed from your care by local or state authorities or have you ever been investigated, arrested or convicted of a crime involving animals?
Please explain the circumstances
Do you, or does anyone in your household, smoke?
Does anyone in your household have allergies to pets or other animals?
Please explain the allergies
Do you have a pool or pond?
Describe how you would you keep a dog contained (indoors and outdoors)
Describe a typical work/school day in your household and the occupations of any adults
Describe any concerns that adult household members have about getting a Chinook puppy
How many hours (estimate) would your Chinook puppy be at home alone each day?
What is the name, address, and telephone number of your current vet if you have one?
Your Chinook
What draws you to Chinook dogs?
Have you ever owned a Chinook dog?
Tell us about your Chinook dog
Have you ever met a Chinook dog?
What other Chinook dogs have you met? (We probably have heard of them!)
What are you looking for in your Chinook (be as specific as possible about sex, coloring/ appearance, energy levels, your goals & expectations)?
If a Chinook puppy were not available with this specific sex or coloring, etc., would you still be interested in a pup from this litter?
Who in the household will be primarily responsible for this Chinook?
Where will this Chinook sleep at night, and spend time during the day while you're away?
How will your Chinook receive regular exercise?
What type of activities do you hope to do with your Chinook dog?
When you are out of town for business or a vacation, what do you plan to do with your Chinook?
If your Chinook dog needed long term medical care within his/her lifetime, what would you do?
Under what circumstances would you give your Chinook dog up? (check all that apply)
Your Puppy
Have you ever raised a puppy?
Unlike a pet store or shelter, you will not be able to pick a specific puppy, but will be offered the pup whose personality and prospects best meets your family’s goals. This is based on weeks of observation of the litter, and professional review of temperament and conformation. What concerns do you have about this process?
What plans do you have for feeding and caring for your Chinook puppy for its first few months?
Chinooks are a very rare breed with a small population. How do you feel about altering (neutering/spaying) a dog?
Have you ever taken a dog to puppy classes or obedience training?
What sort of training techniques have you used in the past?
How will you obedience train your Chinook puppy?
Are you planning to crate train your Chinook puppy?
What other information do you think we should know in considering placement of a puppy with you?
How did you hear about Desert Sol Chinooks? (COA, Internet search, another breeder, etc.)
If you are selected to receive a puppy, you may be asked to introduce your Chinook to other potential Chinook owners. Please indicate what best matches how you feel about this.
How often do you use Facebook or another photo-sharing website?
Breeder Responsibilities

We expect to keep in contact with you for at least the lifetime of your Chinook dog, and will always be available if you have questions or concerns about your dog. New owners are required to sign a contract prior to receipt of the Chinook puppy that specifies required health tests, mutual obligations concerning the pup, etc. New owners are responsible for the cost of transporting their puppy to his/her new home – which requires a person to either drive or fly out and carry the puppy back as cabin baggage. (We do not fly puppies in cargo.)

What concerns do you have about these requirements?
All our puppies will require complete health testing (hip x-rays at the time of neuter/spay or 2 years, eye exam at 2 years at a minimum). What concerns or questions do you have regarding this?
Would you be willing to openly discuss any health and/or training problems you have with your dog with us, and agree to return the pup to us if you are unable/unwilling to keep the dog?
What expectations do you have of us as your breeder?
Any other questions/concerns? Please feel free to ask any questions about us or our dogs.

As part of the application process, we ideally would like prospective owners to meet with someone we know in their area, or to meet with us if they are in our area. If this is not possible, we will need to speak with two references.

Please provide contact info for the references, if applicable.
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